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Why participate?

One of Chalmers biggest events is Chalmers Cortège, with a thousand students participating. So, if you are an exchange student at Chalmers, it is an event that you cannot miss out on taking part in.

The Cortège is a ten-day student festival, where you can meet and socialize with a thousand other students from different programs at Chalmers. During the day, your group of friends, your construction team, can spend the days on the constructions sight. There you will build a float as a sort of scene for a sketch you will play out. The float should be about a big news happenings that occurred this past year. Your construction team has chosen this by themselves and handed it in beforehand with the registration of the team. On the construction site there will also be games played, competitions held and a lot of mingle opportunities to make sure you meet new people.

In the evenings, the Beer-tent is open. This is the party tent on campus. There you can chose to sit inside or outside on the patio with a cold beverage in your hand and dinner while you wait for the later part of the evening. Because every evening the tent offers a different live band or DJ for entertainment.

If you want to make a day of the Cortège-week even longer, you can head over to Gasquen. Gasquen is open every night and the entry is free for all builders. At Gasquen during the event, the different programs sexmasterier are competing in the Cortège championship in Gasque to see who can host the best party evening. Therefore, the decorations are stunning and the party is hard. The finale is the 30th of April, when the parade of all the constructed floats drive through Gothenburg and show everyone in the city that spring has now arrived because Chalmers Cortège is here. Around 250 000 people watch the parade every year.

To participate in this amazing event, all you have to do is gather up some friends and register now at bygg.cortegen.se. That way you will be a part of this 111-year tradition at Chalmers. A tradition made for the sole purpose of community and fun. The Cortège takes off 30th of April 18:15. Don’t miss out. 

Chalmers Cortège Committee, who are the organizers of the event, hands all the construction material to builders. It is included in the starting fee, and you can ask them for anything you would like to make your float the best one.

For more information or if you have any questions, you can contact us on 031-18 45 35 or ccc@cortegen.se. For special offers for international students, also contact us.